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Academic conferences worldwide – Conference Alerts
10 Funny Old Computer Ads | SadAndUseless.com
IBM Research | IBM Research | Integrity Measurement Architecture

Secure File System

How secure is the built in luks encryption – openSUSE Forums
Encrypted Root File System – openSUSE
Keyfile-based LUKS encryption in Debian » Ryan Finnie
HOWTO: Disk encryption with dm-crypt / LUKS and Debian [Update] | Uwe Hermann
Howto use Cryptsetup with LUKS support. | Feraga.com
How to recover that encrypted, ext4-formatted logical volume you allowed Fedora to create! « One Cool Blog


Offensive Computing | Community Malicious code research and analysis


gumstix – dream, design, deliver
Arcturus Networks Inc. | home
How do I build an embedded Linux Device? – LinuxQuestions.org

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Kernel Korner – Network Programming in the Kernel
Trimaran Homepage
SoS Wiki – – Advanced Vi Usage
Power Vim Usage: Tips & Tricks for Everyday Editing
Linux.com :: Vim tips: Folding fun
Timers of the APIC timer module
OsFaqWiki – Tell me about APIC
ProQuest Information and Learning – 032124656X – The Unabridged Pentium 4 IA32 Processor Genealogy
Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
Interrupts and Handlers Part 2
Explore the Linux memory model
KernelAnalysis-HOWTO: Linux Multitasking
Security Conference Ranking and Statistic
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manuals
View HTTP Request and Response Header
Intel® Trusted Execution Technology
bootingUSB HOWTO
LFS LiveCD Documentation
Journal Ranking
Performance Counters for Linux, v8 [LWN.net] Sed – An Introduction and Tutorial
dm-crypt wiki : UserPageChonhulio